True Enlightenment is
in Discovering Ourselves

True Enlightenment means getting to know ourselves. Who are we? What is the purpose of our life journey on this Earth plane, or is there a purpose?

alt textAre we spiritual beings who have been given physical bodies, or are we just physical beings—an accident of nature?

Is there a God, and if there is, then how are we connected to this God being?

Can anyone describe God? What attributes does God have that relate to humans? Does the Spirit of God reside in man?

Let’s do some analysis here and see if we can begin to understand ourselves better, and begin to fathom the Greatest Power of the universe and become truly enlightened.

There are so many avenues in this realm to investigate, and it is an awesome journey! We each have personal questions and concerns, and the answers are out there! Let’s try to find them together.

One of the major things to study is Thinking Positive. It helps us deal with everyday life and get through the more difficult problems we encounter. The power of the mind is far beyond what modern science has yet to discover. Thoughts do have real power.

When we consider the fact that what we think about most is what will materialize in our lives, it just stands to reason that we should always focus on the good things that could happen to us. We should focus most on what we actually want to happen to us.

Another aspect of Enlightenment is the awareness of energy. Everything in the universe is made up entirely of energy. We perceive things as solid, liquid or gaseous because of its vibration level. Even us humans are pure energy at a certain level of vibration. In order for any of us to get into the next world, we must make our vibration level compatible with the next world. In order to do this we must change our way of thinking; become more enlightened. We must raise our spiritual awareness of who and what we truly are; spiritual beings. We must focus our lives to live in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth. We can do this by living the Seven Steps of Walking the Red Road.

alt textWhen you apply one energy force against another energy force a change occurs between the two energies. We perceive things in nature to be a certain way. However, if we raise our own energy, nature itself changes in front of our eyes. Our own perception changes when our vibration level changes. We cannot perceive the true beauty of nature until we raise our own energy level.

Our perception of people is also important for true Enlightenment. If we see a homeless person dressed all in rags drunk and falling down, we might see a waste of human flesh. We need to change that perception and see a fellow lost soul searching for love and compassion. This would be our opportunity to show this love and compassion. Who knows, maybe this ragtag individual is an angel sent here to help us become more loving and compassionate.

So many times people are judged by their actions, or rather by the judging person's perception of their actions. According to the Bible, we are not allowed to judge others. The reason for this, I believe, is that we cannot see the motivation for that person's action (all we see is the action). Only Creator can see the innermost motivations of people, and that is why we must leave the judgement in His more than capable hands.

Our job down here on Earth is to love people unconditionally without judging them. By doing this we teach ourselves true love and compassion. If we can see beyond what we perceive to be bad actions by people, then we grow spiritually stronger and become more enlightened.

alt textThere is one important fact here that we must all keep in the front of our minds; we are all lost souls trying to find our way home. Some are just more lost than others. These are the people that those of us who think we are less lost must help. By helping the allegedly more lost, both people become better off spiritually. Both people must be willing to listen as well as share what they think they know.

I have heard many people say that they hate the action and not the person. I say that there is no room in our lives for hate in any form. We cannot hate anything at all. Think of baking a cake. You don't have quite enough chocolate for your cake so you through in some doggy dung. Well, it's brown just like chocolate, right? How much doggy dung can we put into that cake and still have a delicious cake? See my point here? Even a little bit is still too much. By the same token, even a little bit of hate is too much for us to have in our lives.

I am hoping that all of you who read this will give us more ideas about what to write about, and by all means, if you disagree with anything on this website, please let us know so we can talk it through and find the truth, and both of us can become more enlightened.

Be safe, my friends, and may Creator be with you always.

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