What effect will the return of
Pahana have on the
Hopi and humanity?

alt textThe Hopi people settled in Northeastern Arizona in an area called the Four Corners. This is an area where four states come together--Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.

They are spiritual leaders who were given direction by Spirit that they were to hold the World in balance. They have lived very closely with Mother Earth, in harmony with nature, and have had a powerful connection with Great Spirit.

They have a beautiful culture. Each of their clans has been given a unique ceremony to perform, and together these ceremonies tell their history. Performing these ceremonies is like living sacred scriptures. In this way, their origin stories and their culture have been passed on from one generation to the next.

One very exciting thing about these Native Americans is that they have been given prophecies that affect the entire world. Some of these prophecies were made public in 1963 in a book entitled, “Book of the Hopi” by Frank Waters.

They have legends about two brothers. One of these brothers left and went East, and the other was given instructions to travel all over the land of “Turtle Island” and mark it wherever he and his companions walked.

The older brother who went East promised to return. He took a piece of tablet with him and said he would bring it back when he returned so his People would recognize him. It is prophesied that he will come back and help his people when all appears hopeless for them.

There are many prophesies related to the return of the older “White Brother” who is called "Pahana". It is said that he will return from the East and bring the People a new religion which is not really new. He is associated with the color red, and this “Red Force” will purify the Hopi people. He is also associated with the color white and with the feminine aspect. It is also prophesied that he will unite all the major religions of the world in universal brotherhood.

The People were instructed to keep their way of building houses, and their hair style. Their way of building houses is similar to the construction of the “Western Wall” of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, the City of Peace. Their way of cutting their hair is like that of the ancient Egyptians in the time when Joseph helped the Pharaoh rule the land. Because of these instructions, many believe the Hopi are a remnant of the Israelite tribe of Joseph, and they have a strong Jerusalem Connection according to their own history handed down for many generations.

Many believe that we are living in the “End Times”, and therefore they expect Pahana to return soon--before the time of the “Great Purification” of Hopi prophecy. Pahana will bring with him a great hope for the survival of humanity.

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