The Time of the White Buffalo
is a time for healing.

Legend of the White BuffaloThe "latter days" appear to be upon us. This can be considered the Time of the White Buffalo. When we remember the stories about the Buffalo Calf Woman of the Lakota Sioux, and the pipe, and the six ceremonies she brought to them, we realize that these are only some of the many events Creator has brought us.

(Most of the Lakota believe a dream a Lakota man had about throwing a ball is the seventh ceremony that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought to them, but Creator has revealed to me that this is not true. The seventh ceremony is a "Brotherhood Ceremony" Creator gave me, and it is to be performed to seal the reunion of the House of Judah and the House of Israel (House of Joseph) in Jerusalem. Ezekiel 37:19. I believe the Hopi are a remnant of the House of Joseph.)

We have the prophecy of the Hopi where Pahana promised to return and bring with him the piece of tablet so the Hopi would recognize him when he returned.

We have the promise that Spirit would send us His two witnesses in the end days.

When I asked Creator how I could be involved in so many various events, He said that they are all related. And that makes sense. We have one Creator and He caused all these things to happen, so it would be logical that they are all related.

It is like the Lakota tell us, "We are all related".

Legend of the White Buffalo

Time of the White Buffalo

The time has come for the Red community to awaken,

to renew our walk with Great Spirit,

to recognize and cherish our connectedness

with the wholeness of creation.

The time has come to walk the path of brotherhood,

in community,

with kind hearts and humble spirits.

The time has come to renew our culture,

to be that which we were created to be,

to live in harmony with Creator,

to cherish and care for Elohi, our Mother Earth,

and to lovingly embrace all our brothers and sisters

of all races.

Our ancestors watch with hopeful hearts,

that we may create a nourishing environment for the yet unborn.

by Dorothy K Daigle

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