Why did Jesus teach in parables?

alt textJesus taught the multitudes in parables, apparently because they had such varied levels of spiritual understanding. Back then, Jesus was at a much higher spiritual level of understanding than any people living at that time in history, or even today for that matter. Even his own disciples did not understand some of his parables. His messages were so complex as to have different meanings for different people. Jesus said, "Let he who can hear, hear". He knew that each individual person is at a different spiritual level of growth.

In order for people to understand certain truths, they must first understand other truths. It's like math ... you must first understand how to add before you are capable of understanding how to multiply or divide. It's a step by step process. Our spiritual growth is the same way, we must first understand basic truths before we are capable of understanding deeper truths, but our foundation must be sound.

alt textI have heard people say that they already know what they need to know to get to heaven. They say that scholars have been studying the bible for generations, and they have learned from those scholars everything they need to know. I personally believe that we humans never stop learning during our lifetimes. We need to continuously learn and grow throughout our lives. If we stop learning or listening to others ideas about spiritual things just because they are of a different faith, we have closed off ourselves from greater joy and understanding. Once we stop learning and growing, we might as well just roll over and die. A stagnant mind dies quickly. For those people who think they know more than anyone else on the planet, and couldn't possibly learn anything from those who are "less educated", I would ask them one simple question ... Do you believe that a lie believed long enough eventually becomes truth?

Learning is building on previous knowledge (or assumptions). If that basic knowledge (or assumption) is wrong, then what you think you have learned (based on that assumption) is also wrong. Just because someone has studied the Bible or religion their whole lives does not mean that they have all the right answers to life's questions. A good teacher will tell you that he learns just as much from his students as they learn from him. So the next time you hear something that goes against what you already (think) you know, why don't you just think about it and take it to Creator in prayer. He will tell you which idea is the truth. Never judge a book by it's cover, we all can learn from each other.

alt textNow, sorry got off topic a little, some 2000 years ago, when Jesus was here in the flesh, even the apostles did not fully comprehend the meanings of his parables. Their mindset was in that time period in history (which stands to reason). Today we have a completely different mindset, and we have all grown spiritually in these past two thousand years (hopefully). Which means that we should be able to get deeper spiritual meanings from his parables.

There is a new consciousness beginning to emerge in us humans. We are beginning to understand the true nature of our universe and the true nature of our Creator. Today we are capable of understanding on a much deeper level the lessons Jesus tried to teach us back then. There is still so much more for us to learn. Every truth that we come to understand, creates more questions for us to answer. If we start to work together there is no telling how much we will be able to accomplish. How much we will be able to learn. The sky is not the limit ... we are capable of so much more.

It's so exciting that these same parables still teach us lessons today. It's amazing that we can still learn new lessons from such old stories. Let's see how much more we can learn together ...

Let's take a closer look at some of these Parables :

New Wine in Old Wine Skins .......... Matthew 9:17

Barren Fig Tree .......... Luke 13:6-9

Lost Sheep .......... Luke 15:1-7

Talents .......... Matthew 25:14-30

Forgiveness: The Wicked Servant .......... Matthew 18:21-35

The Good Samaritan .......... Luke 10:25-37

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