Will there be a new
City of Peace, a New Jerusalem?

I received from Spirit that there will be a City of Peace in the land of Israel. I understand the Hopi will help set it up. The question is not “if” but “when”.

This City of Peace will be the habitation of those who have chosen to walk in the will of Creator. They will have no religion, but will live in a state of unconditional love, helping each other with an attitude of loving-kindness. Race will not be an issue, and the people living in this city will be known as the “Rainbow Tribe”.

Our current era consists of the time since the flood of Noah. The Israelites during this time period have called God, “the Lord which brought us out of the land of Egypt, out of bondage”. In this New Jerusalem, those who dwell there will call Creator, “The Lord Our Righteousness”.

Some things were given especially to the fourth world, our current era. These included the Bible, the “Noahide” Laws, the avatar, Jesus, and various religions. These were intended to help mankind rise to a higher level of consciousness.

As we emerge into the fifth world, a new way of living will evolve. It will be one of higher consciousness. Because God will write His Law into our hearts, we will not need to teach each other about God because everyone will know Him. They will have unconditional love residing in their hearts. Christ is this love. This is the Messiah who will rule the next world.

Today, Creator is gathering His children into communities where they are beginning to live in the way of the fifth world. Many will perish during these difficult times of transition because they choose not to give up materiality and religious rituals. They choose not to know God and to walk with Him in personal fellowship. Many choose to worship a man instead of God the Father, possibly because they are afraid.

I understand this future City of Peace in the land of Israel will be called the “New Jerusalem” spoken of in the biblical book of Revelation.

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