The Flow of Living Waters
has a very real impact
on everyone around you.

Doesn’t it feel so good when someone accepts us in unconditional love (Flow of Living Waters) and we don’t feel any of the coldness of judgment coming from them? The cold judgment we have occasionally felt is like someone throwing a glass of cold water into our face! It is very unpleasant!

This may be part of why Jesus told us not to judge so we will not be judged. When someone thinks we are not okay, we definitely feel it in the cold energy they send our way. How sad it is that the cold energy they are sending us is also planting these same seeds of cold darkness into their own hearts!

alt textAre we loving believers? If we are truly what some call “believers” then we believe the teachings of Jesus and want to live them. This is a wonderful goal in life, to be able to allow Creator’s unconditional love to flow through us to others. This is the flow of Living Waters! This is the Spirit of God!

Think about the difference between water that flows and water that is stagnant. Stagnant water actually stinks! Living Water is purified as it flows.

alt textWhen people are into survival in the wilderness, they would not drink water from a stagnant pool, but they would look for flowing water, especially water that is flowing from a spring in the ground. This is water that has been purified by Mother Earth.

When we think of flowing spring water that has been purified by Mother Earth, we can equate the purity to unconditional love that has originated from Great Spirit. Unconditional love is the purest and greatest power in the universe. It is the full armor of God! Pure, flowing unconditional love is the Spirit of God!

by Dorothy K Daigle

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