What does the Bible mean about
us being made in God's image?

What is the "image of God" in which we were created? It is a beautiful thing, and it has to do with our reason for being on this planet Earth. Our potential to love unconditionally is the image of God in which we were created.

Our world is changing rapidly. Many children and babiesalt text are dying every hour around the world of starvation and disease. If we think that mankind is the only intelligent species in our universe, how idiotic is that? All we have to do is look around at what humans have done to our planet and it is pretty easy to see that mankind is not very intelligent. They keep returning into darkness, and then God takes a hand in it again and cleanses the planet, and mankind tries again to attain a "love one another" environment.

Apparently there is intelligence outside of the Earth plane like the chariot of fire of Elijah, and the "wheel within a wheel" of Ezekiel. Is it possible that the "angels" who will be fighting in the heavens in the "final war" are actually beings from other planets?

Some on Earth are moving into a higher plane of vibration, into a loving existence. My Father gave me this work to do to help people. When I complained to Him, "They won't listen to me", He told me, "Some will". It is for these few that my Father sent me. He wants to help them rise into an enlightened place. They will be people that will be taken into the New Jerusalem , kind of like Noah's Ark, when so much of the Earth will apparently be "burned to stubble". It is kind of obvious that if in the end, the righteous will walk on the ashes of the wicked, then the righteous will not be walking on the Earth with the wicked when the burning occurs, or all of them would also be burned up.

Our purpose on this Earth plane is to rise to a higher level of enlightenment. It is to learn to "be unconditional love". So many are failing, and our world is again turning dark. But I do believe that before we totally destroy ourselves and our planet, the "other beings" will take a remnant off the planet and give them a chance to continue living in the "Light". They will be moving into the place that people like Yashua, Enoch, Abraham, Buddha, Confucius, and Patanjali have already attained.

by Dorothy K Daigle

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