Can you find Nirvana
in your own Life?

Ancient Hindu writings teach us of a place called Nirvana, which is apparently a place where enlightened souls can find eternal bliss and happiness. Their writings teach us that we can each find Nirvana on Earth. Is this actually a physical place or is it a state of being?

Nirvana, Heaven on EarthWe each have the potential to live an abundant, glorious life if we choose to do this. The secret is to take small steps at a time and live in the moment. Many of us sacrifice the pleasure of the moment for illusions of the future. But it is by living in the moment that we can enjoy the fullness of life.

Our thoughts greatly affect life in the moment. They will determine the world we create around us, and they will determine our destiny. If we focus our minds on positive, loving, happy thoughts, this will drive away any darkness that tries to invade our minds.

There are many ways to live in the joy of the moment. For instance, as soon as we become aware that a negative thought has entered our minds, we can make an immediate conscious effort to replace it with a positive thought. Maybe we can bring to mind an event that brought us a great deal of happiness in the past. By doing this, we begin to create a warm, loving energy around us.

Nutrition for our bodies is also very important for our total well-being. When we eat "live" foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, it makes our bodies more alkaline. This is important to be aware of, because when our bodies die the energy vibrations stop, and acid begins to decompose our bodies.

Exercising is also necessary for attaining a healthy balance in our physical bodies. Like a nurse once told me, walking is the best exercise she could think of that would lower both our blood pressure and our blood sugar. This could help us then to avoid the dangers of heart disease, and those health issues associated with diabetes.

As we continue to create loving, happy energy around us, moment by moment, this will soon become a habit, and these habits will lead us step by step right to the doorway of Nirvana - Heaven on Earth.

One important thing to remember when we learn these helpful tips for living an abundant life is to share them with others. As we share this life-giving information, we create a "flow of living waters" and this will help to purify our souls.

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