Surrender your will to Creator,
what does this really mean?

Step 4: Repent and humbly surrender my will to Creator that I may become one with Great Spirit.

alt textWalking the Red Road will help us learn humility.

The joy of walking in harmony with Creator cannot be surpassed by any worldly activity. It produces a profound sense of peace and completeness—it answers the question “Who am I?”

Then we might be led to ask ourselves, “How can I find my way into this oneness with Creator?”

First is the knowledge that when we search for Him with our whole hearts, we will find Him. However, to receive His blessing, we must be mentally and spiritually prepared. This is where repentance and humility come into the picture.

When our hearts are in a non-repentant state, we are rebelling against Creator with our entire being. In essence, we are shaking our fist at the universe.

Likewise, arrogance, pride, and self-will close the doorway of communication with Him—we choose to lock Him out.

Repentance and humility open the doorway to Creator. Through this doorway we move into harmony with His loving Spirit. This is the doorway through which we communicate with the ancestors—through which joyous blessings flow.

Total surrender of our will to Creator, in an attitude of repentance and humility, opens the doorway to Him, and we enter His spiritual realm. Our spirit merges with His, and an overwhelming gladness fills our being. We become complete in the fullness of His Spirit, within the purpose for which we were created. In essence, we become one with Him.

To truly relinquish our own will, it must be total, absolute and unconditional. Being committed to Creator cannot be halfway. Think of skydiving ... the moment you step out of that plane is the moment you become totally committed. Going back is no longer an option. Surrender should be done with everything you are, and it should be felt to the very core of your being.

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