Spirit Guides,
Cherokee Elder Red Hat,
and Hopi Elders

Can anyone from the other side, a spirit, be allowed to help us after they have died? It appears they can.

alt textI had an experience that relates to "purgatory" which is apparently some kind of place between Earth and heaven. I had a very good friend and mentor, Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke. He taught spiritual truth all the way, but sometimes he had trouble living those teachings himself. Anyway, three days after he died, his "presence" came back to me and I felt he was very devastated by what he had failed to do in this lifetime. He related to me that he had been given permission to help me in the work Creator has given me to do. Apparently he could earn something on the other side as long as I did the physical stuff on this side.

Another similar story relates to Elder Red Hat and my stepfather who died many years ago. Sometimes Red Hat could connect to the "other side" when he wanted to, although he didn't care to do it too often because it took too much out of him and he was in very poor health.

One evening he suggested turning off the lights and trying to connect to the other realm. I just lay on the couch in the dark and didn't experience anything. But apparently Red Hat did. He asked me if I knew someone whose name began with an "R" who had crossed over. I couldn't think of anyone right away, but then he said this man said that he had wasted his life on this Earth, and so he had chosen to help me with my work. In this way he could "earn" something in the heavenly realm by being one of my spirit guides. When I said it could be "Ralph", my stepfather, he said the spirit enthusiastically shared with him that I was right!

alt textElder Red Hat also connected with another entity who was a young man waving wildly to attract his attention. This time Red Hat asked me if I knew someone named Harvey, or some name like that, who had crossed over. I told him I didn't. He said this entity conveyed to him that when I was little, I loved bright colors. And I did. My mother always got us color books and crayons for Christmas and I really enjoyed creating the colorful pictures. Then I figured it had to be my brother Harold who had crossed over years ago. He conveyed to Red Hat that I was right. Then the entity "Harold" told Red Hat that he has been with me for "eternities" helping me!

There must be multitudes of entities in the unseen world around us. It looks like as we strengthen our spiritual consciousness, we can connect with the spirit world better. It appears to me that some people must be born with the ability to connect with the ancestors. I understand that traditional Hopi elders have always had this ability. But most of them from Oraibi have already crossed over themselves.

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