Understanding nature is
vital in our search for truth.

Step 1: Observe nature with awe and gratitude. A sense of love and respect for all creation will begin to grow within me.

alt textWalking the Red Road will teach us to see nature with a sense of awe and gratitude. Creation. Our universe. The cycles of life and death. A vast composite of exquisite harmony—a truly beautiful harmonic symphony of melodious verse, with each vibratory element sustaining one another--loving one another. This is truly a miracle of melodies played out in the grand scheme of creation.

As we quietly observe a tiny red bird sitting on a branch serenading the early morning sun, we begin to understand the magnificent beauty of nature. The glorious sunflower that bows its head to the east, the little bear cub that goes into its first winter of hibernation, and the salmon that swim upstream every year to spawn are all wondrous signs of the glorious harmony of nature. As we focus on Mother Earth and the family of creation that she nourishes, we become filled with an exhilarating sense of awareness of the awesome blessing Great Spirit has bestowed on us. We are filled with a sense of love and respect, and with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We begin to understand that we are all part of this miraculous environment.

Many yearn to return to an age of peace and harmony where we can all live in brotherhood and in balance with creation. No one stands alone. We each need to understand that peace and harmony in the world begins with the love in our own hearts.

The ancestors watch with hopeful hearts that we will create a nurturing world for our children—that we will each contribute toward balance and respect for all creation.

Watching and respecting nature will teach us many things. The flowers, grass and trees teach us that for everything, there is a season. Certain things must happen in their own time and cannot be rushed.

The fox will teach you to slow down and observe everything around you to determine the correct time to act.

The otter teaches us that play is just as important as work.

The squirrel teaches us to be prepared for whatever might happen in the future.

The Robin tells us to stop, look and listen.

If we but take the time out of our busy lives to just stop and observe what is around us, we can learn so many things. We are so busy living our lives that we forget how to truly live. We must develop a deep awe and respect for our Mother Earth. Only then will we begin to understand what we truly are ... one with Creator.

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