Good insight for living comes
from good communication.

Step 5: Communicate with Great Spirit from my heart—listen, and live the insight I receive.

Walking the Red Road will teach us to communicate with Creator.

As we live and breathe, we are one with Great Spirit. It is just as natural to be in Creator as it is to breathe. As the innocence of a newborn baby reflects Him, so must we return to this same state of innocence, in total trust of Him, if we are to return to the way of the ancestors.

The loss of unity of mind and heart is probably the greatest loss that keeps us from truly walking the Cherokee way. As an ancient sage tells us, Creator is on our lips, but far from our hearts. We can try to convince others that we walk with Great Spirit by speaking about holy things. However, our actions speak much louder than our words, and our actions betray what is in our hearts, and what is in our hearts is who we really are as people.

How long can we sit on the fence and pretend to be walking with Creator, while in truth we are merely teetering between darkness and light. If we are trying to keep just a little evil in our lives, then we are like lukewarm water. Putrid! When will the specific moment in time be reached when we hear the words, “So be it! You have chosen—you are what you have chosen to be!

There is a way back to unity in Creator. We need to start developing loving thoughts and loving habits. Our thoughts become actions, which in the end will determine our destiny.

May we walk in unity of body, mind, and spirit—in the wisdom of the ancestors.

True communication is a two way street. After you ask your question in humble prayer, you must then listen for an answer from Creator. It may be moments or it may be a week or so later, but you will get an answer. The problem is that it seems like people just "talk at" Creator rather than "talk with" Creator. They seem to forget that He is an actual Spirit Being and wishes to communicate to us and help us along in our journey. Now the answer to our prayers may not be what we want to hear, but we must still take action on that insight that we received.

Whether we asked for healing for someone or for assistance with some problem, we must act as though the healing or assistance has actually already happened (feel it with real emotion). If knowledge was what you sought, then you must share the insight you received with everyone you can. Think of a book loaded with knowledge. What good is that knowledge if no one ever reads it? Don't let your insights wither away and die. Wisdom is meant to be shared. Love you all.

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