From Early Christianity
to Present Day Christianity
Has anything changed?

Early Christianity stemmed from the twelve apostles of Jesus. Jesus trained his apostles to be "fishers of men," and their background was apparently Judaic, as was the religious upbringing of Jesus himself.

Jesus upheld the Torah, the religious scripture of Judaism. He attended the synagogue with his parents, and learned and taught there, even when he was but a boy.

The Torah taught men how to know God, and how He wanted them to live so they would be in harmony with Him and all of creation. It appears that before the time of Ezra--a priest and scribe who came from Babylonia, Judaism was more of spirit, but after Ezra, it became more of the letter of the law. He apparently was also concerned that the people of the last days would survive.

Jesus taught the spiritual aspect of the Torah. Therefore, Early Christianity would also have taught the spiritual aspect of the Torah. Early Christians would have walked in harmony with the teachings of Jesus. They would have accepted "Christ" which is the Divine Love of God the Father. Accepting Christ is to live by the Divine Law of Love.

My very special friend and mentor, Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat, got from Spirit that part of his mission on this earthly plane was to help Christianity move back to the early years, within the first few hundred years after Jesus was crucified. This meant that Christians were to return to living the teachings of Jesus, to living the spiritual aspect of the Torah.

Jesus taught that the greatest commandment of the Torah was to love God the Father with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul. He said thealt textalt textsecond was like unto it, love your neighbor as yourself. This is what Christians need to return to if they want to be invited into our heavenly Father's Kingdom. That is where Jesus resides, so it makes sense that we should be living as he taught, and as Torah teaches. For more spiritual insights taught by Christ, Elijah, and Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, read Red Hat Speaks and Red Hat’s Wisdom by Dorothy K Daigle. These books can be ordered from any bookstore or online from

By Dorothy K. Daigle

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